Friday, October 1, 2010

E @ 28

Greetings Fellow Futurists,
Epcot is 28 Years Old Today! So it seems only fitting that the next “season” of The E82 Project should begin again today. (1) In addition, it’s also Friday so why not start things off with a Figment’s Fun Fact...

Figment's Fun Facts 02

No other project in the history of Walt Disney Productions received so much world-wide attention as Walt’s last dream, one reason is its’ astronomical budget. (2) To put this into perspective, if adjusted for inflation EPCOT Center would cost between $2.67 Billion (3) to $5.26 Billion (4) in 2010 dollars.

Figment’s Fun Fact Follow-up
There was quite a response to the first of Figment’s Fun Facts. After more research I discovered that there were a lot more than 200 Special Effects at the opening of EPCOT Center; 274 to be exact. More than five times the number in the Magic Kingdom!

Side Notes
(1)Yes, I’m treating the blog like a TV series. Although considering my history, the first few months seem more like a mid-season replacement that took-off. But this whole analogy is silly enough to begin with
(2)A budget that, might I add, was created during the largest energy crisis in US history.
(3)Based on Consumer Price Index
(4)Based on Relative Share of GDP


  1. I'll never forgot October 1, as EPCOT Center and I are both 28 today. Welcome back, sir. May your future be bright. We'll be here with you.