Friday, July 23, 2010

Figment's Fun Facts Friday

Figment's Fun Facts 01


  1. Bah! I knew that!

    I think.

    Thinking about it, I didn't. Thanks for the fact!

  2. More than Magic Kingdom had on opening day! Right?

  3. Absolutely true. It included one of the largest holograms in the world (The Deep Thoughts Tank) and the largest polarized light collage in the world (in the Realm of Literature).

  4. Did you know there were 30-some fog machines secreted throughout the building? The original ride concept was to have you floating through the ride on a continuous cloud of fog. I was in there one day when they were turned on and the effect was brilliant!

    Unfortunately they couldn't use the effect, since the fog tended to erode the water-based paint used on the sets!