Thursday, August 26, 2010

E82 Is Moving!

Ok, well not exactly. The website will stay in the same place, however in a few days I’ll be moving from the southwest to the southeast of Disney Property. I’ll actually be 10 minutes (or exactly 5 miles) from the Gate of Epcot! I’ve been packing for the last several weeks, and I’ll soon be going off-online. This is also the reason why both the quality and quantity of my posts have been somewhat lacking lately. As a result, E82 will be taking an unscheduled break and return to faster-than-normal postings October 1st. AND THEN be prepared for a blitzkrieg of new Desktops, Artwork, History and of course Music!

See You All In less than 35 days!


  1. Wow, 5 miles! Jealous! Good luck with the move.

  2. Well this site has made my day!

    Want to expand to a larger site? I'm imagining a media section for the music/videos, and a hierarchy layout for lands, attractions, Imagineers, and so forth, rather than by date that blogger provides.
    I have plenty of web space available, and this is certainly something worth spending time on.
    I will be playing with a prototype site, so drop me an email some time!

  3. Hey RoboPhred! Glad to see you found my project! Yes, I’d very much like to expand my site; in fact that’s been part of the plan from the beginning. This Blog is meant as a kind-of “chronicle” for the creation/evolution of something tentatively titled “Epcot Universe.” What you’ve seen this year is such a small part of what E82 will become. As it stands now, E82 would make a fine Epcot equivalent of the Haunted Mansion’s But Epcot itself is so much more and E82 should also encompass a larger view of the world and one’s place in it. I better stop here as I’ve probably said too much already:) As for your offer… expect personal message soon.

  4. Looking forward to tomorrow's update!!