Monday, October 4, 2010

Things to Come (part one)


I’m one of “those people” that loves getting surprises, but not at much as I love giving them. Most of the direction I have for this project has been intentionally shrouded in mystery. But after much thought on the issue I’ve determined that it’s time to go back to the future by abandoning the Eisner-like secrecy in favor of the time honored Walt Disney practice of letting people know what’s going on behind the scenes…

I would first like to thank those 15 or so followers that still regularly checked the site in the hopes that an update would occur ahead of schedule. And even in my absence I’ve received both interest and support for The Project. As a Thank You I’d like to give you all a preview of the many upcoming features of E82...

  • Starting next week we’ll recap the History of Imagination Part 1 with new material that was left out of the original post.
  • Then we will dive into the History of Imagination Part 2 covering the remarkably forward-thinking Image Works and the pivotal production of Captain EO.
  • Speaking of Captain EO, thanks to some newly discovered material, plans are currently in the works for an “EP” mini-Album featuring fresher mixes and newly restored soundtrack elements.
  • And just in time for the Holiday Season a new section will be added to accommodate special events that really have nothing to do with Epcot tentatively titled the “E82 Annex” (if anyone has a one or two word suggestion I’d love to hear it.)
  • In November, we’ll complete our Journey through Imagination History with Part 3 (This is probably the most complicated and sensitive part of any history I will write.)
  • And Starting 11/17/10, be prepared to go in an entirely different direction with and E82 “Cross-Over Event” which is probably the Worse Kept Secret since DVC :)
One of the things you’re not seeing on this is the artwork being developed for E82. Well, it’s one thing to talk about it, but it’s a whole another thing to SHOW IT!

In Just a Few Days, Join Us for Limited Preview of ALL Artwork Currently In Production for “The Legacy of Tomorrow!”

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  1. This all sounds great! Can't wait for the new content. It's nice to have you back.