Monday, October 11, 2010

A Re-Written History

Greetings Everyone,

And Happy Columbus Day! (Seriously, who creates these holidays?) Anyway, on this "Day of Discovery" I challenge you to re-read
A History of Imagination. It's now 50% larger with new features including...

  • The Beginnings of Dreamfinder
  • The Birth of Figment
  • Musicology of Imagination
  • An indepth and still concise lession in Disney and 3D Films
  • The Creation of Magic Journeys with the Sherman Brothers.
  • and many more historical insights into this most whimsical of all Future World pavilions.

Imagination History 00 - Title

Sidenote: Okay, I know that was a horrible segue up there, but I'm writing this on-the-fly and at 2am it sounded cool to me:)

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