Monday, November 29, 2010

The Complete Captain EO

Today, I’ll wrap-up my coverage of all things Captain EO with the release of “Captain EO: The Complete Experience.” Sure, there are many versions of this show across the Digital Frontier (1), and I should know. I’ve downloaded just about all of them! What you’ll hear with this EP Album is the very best of all resources collected over the past 10 Years. However, this is not meant to be a literal walk-thru of the attraction as I always adopt the Thornton Philosophy (2) of creating “Listen Experiences.” So you won’t be hearing any announcements, or the “making of” video that accompanies the current presentations. (3) What you will be hearing is the a fully Re-Mastered queue mix, a Newly Restored version of the much sought after Theater Load-In Music, and Ultimately the best version of the literal soundtrack from the film. I think some of you will be quite pleased with the way James Horner’s score shines through this particular mix. In addition I’ve been able to fix the awkward way in which the soundtrack ends with a small piece of the exit music.
As Bonus Features, I’ve included the Epic Records (4) Version of “We Are Here Change to World” released 2004, 18 years after its creation! The Full Version of “Another Part of Me” – Exit Music. Finally, the unusual, unreleased, and unexpectedly good orchestral Version of “Change the World” produced for the much talked about and unrealized Tomorrow 2055 Concept from 1996.

Captain EO - EP Cover

1.Overture (9:10)
2.The Cosmos (4:04)
3.Captain EO (18:41)

4.We Are Here to Change the World (2:53)
5.Another Part of Me – Instrumental (3:46)
6.Change the World – Tomorrowland 2055 (3:13)

Download The Album

In order to ensure proper playback, please turn-on your media device’s cross-fade feature and set to 3 seconds.

Past Musical Releases from "E82 - The Epcot Legacy"

The Future World Soundtrack Series – Journey Into Imagination

Foot Notes:
(1)My new Sponsor appears to already be making demands that their terminology be mixed into the content of all posts from E82. Hence “Digital Frontier” instead of something more relatable like “the Internet”:-/
(2)A reference to the great Walt Disney Records Restoration Producer: Randy Thornton.
(3)Stay Tuned E82 for commentary on the dangers of recycling historical material in “living” attractions.
(4)Epic Records: The official Label for all of Michael Jackson’s Music.


  1. I don't really like Captain EO, but this is awesome!

  2. Thanks...this is amazing! Excellent work!

  3. This is the most amazing discovery of all time! I have been searching for the cue "The Cosmos" for decades!!! Thanks so much for posting it here!