Thursday, April 15, 2010

The FUTURE WORLD Soundtrack Series

What if…?

It's a question Imagineers often use during every step when creating new experiences. It’s a question I often ask myself. At the heart of E82 is a vital and important question that serves as the drive for all the endeavors for this project and in fact The Project itself…
What if EPCOT Center was opening today?
I believe it’s one of the most thought provoking questions one can ask about a theme park that’s dedicated to the future and yet is fast approaching 30-years-old. What if John Hench, Marty Skylar, and Ray Bradbury were equipped with the technologies of today to realize their visions of the future? How would EPCOT be different? How would it remain the same? And how would it be presented to the world?
Today, Disney’s Marketing and Merchandise divisions are vast and expansive. We have over 10 completely different t-shirts for the Tower of Terror, there are art exhibits and events centered on just The Enchanted Tiki Room, and the Haunted Mansion appears to be getting a new album every ten years. This final example leads us to this question. What if "Disney Parks" released a new series of albums dedicated to the rich musical legacy of each of Future World’s pavilions? How would that look? And what would be included? Well, here is my attempt at an answer…

FWSS Imagination Front Cover

to the
Future World Soundtrack Series.

This series is dedicated to the many composers that have penned life into EPCOT by writing the music of tomorrow. The Future World Soundtrack Series is an artistic expression of the soundscape of the Future. It’s not meant to be a literal archive of chronological sound cues, but rather a listening experience designed to take the listener on a symphonic journey into attractions past and present. In this series, very few things have been left untouched. In many cases, songs and score have been re-titled, re-arranged, re-mastered, or restored.
Our first Pavilion brings us to what was once called “the Fantasyland of Future World;” Journey Into Imagination has long rich and dramatic history, one that in the coming months will be exploring in depth here at E82. But for now, let us enjoy the wonder and whimsy of one of the most beloved Disney attractions in history.

The collection is broken down into two “Discs” (1.) DISC ONE is the original attractions of the Pavilion from 1982 to its completion in 1983. DISC TWO is a retrospective of the history and legacy of Imagination from 1982 until the present. The following is a track list of the two respective discs…

FWSS Imagination Disc 1
The Original Journey

EPCOT Entrance Plaza
1. One Little Spark (3:30)
2. Pavilion Atmosphere (15:21) 3. Flight into Imagination (4:06)
4. The Dreamport (1:04) 5. The Arts (1:17) 6. Literature (1:02)
7. Performing Arts (1:17) 8. Science and Technology (2:11)
9. Image Technology (2:21)
10. Electronic Philharmonic (4:42)
11. Makin’ Memories (7:54) 12. Magic Eye Theater (3:12)
13. Magic Journeys (8:17) 14. Glass Atrium (16:29)

Download Disk One

FWSS Imagination Disc 2
The Legacy of Imagination

2. ONE LITTLE SPARK – Ragtime (3:34)
3. ONE LITTLE SPARK – Instrumental (3:37)
4. MAGIC JOURNEYS – Official Album (3:30)
5. MAGIC JOURNEYS – Entrance Plaza (5:28)
6. CAPTAIN EO – The JLH Mix (9:00)
7. TRUE COLORS – Salute to Kodak (6:28)
10. ONE LITTLE SPARK – 2003 Edition (2:09)
11. CHANGE THE WORLD – Tomorrowland 2055 (3:13)
12. ONE LITTLE SPARK – Entrance Plaza 2001 (3:01)

Download Disc Two

Reviews are more than welcome

Join us next week as E82 chronicles the evolution of the Future World Soundtrack Series and gives a glimpse into its future.


  1. This is amazing. What an incredible amount of work to assemble this and make it sound as good as it does, since most (if not all) of it came from analog sources. Great work!

  2. Just wanted to thank you for this, I've made it through disc 1's files and they are great, some leaps and bounds better than similar files I already have. I'm very excited about this project!


    The music sounds glorious! I have been a collector of Disney audio for some years, and my specialty has been Future World, and especially Imagination. However, you have given me some of the tracks I have been searching for forever, and have MASTERFULLY restored everything else beyond anything I have thought possible. Thank you so much!

    Also, your art work is astonishing! I am such a huge fan of EPCOT art, and constantly use symbols and the architecture in my work, but you sir have the BEST EPCOT, or heck; DISNEY ART for that matter, ANYWHERE I've seen! I wouldn't consider yourself an aspiring graphic artist; you are a PROFESSIONAL!

  4. This is fantastic. Someone submitted this on my EpcotCenter Tumblr and it just about made my day.

    Good job! This couldn't be any better :-)

  5. Thanks for putting this together, it's great! I can't wait to see what's next!

  6. This is fantastic stuff, sir. I've been listening all morning while going through your old posts! I'm really happy I happened across this site.

    I saw your one post with the video in happens to be my forte, so if you need any help with that, let me know! :)

  7. I can't believe my luck to have stumbled upon your great blog. This is outstanding. This is something that I would probably pay $30 for per CD. I don't know that I wanted to tell you that because I can't wait for each additional installment (especially The Land and Horizons). If you are ever at Epcot at the same time that I am I hope to see you and personally thank you for the hours of enjoyment I've already gotten from this. Thank you so much

  8. Also, feel free to contact me if you ever need a little help with some EPCOT research... I'd be glad to help someone out willing to keep the dream alive...

  9. I've spent the past couple of days listening to the discs in my car, singing along, and then stopping myself from singing along so I can hear how wonderful the tracks sound.

    Thanks for all your efforts, and I can't wait to hear what you do with the rest of EPCOT Center. (I like visiting Epcot, but in my heart it will always be EPCOT Center.)

  10. Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you. and once again Thank you.

  11. Thanks for the Captain EO intro music. I've never found the full loop anywhere else.