Sunday, August 8, 2010

Commerce in the 21st Century

A FEW YEARS AGO when E82 wasn’t even named yet, one aspect of this Project was always going to be collectable merchandise. As a graphic designer, I’ve always enjoyed seeing my designs exist beyond the computer screen and this Café-Press-World of easy customization has made such niche markets possible. The Centorium store was created to celebrate the World of E82 by providing followers and myself a marketplace for products that pay tribute to the Epcot that Was, Is and What Could Be. My decision to open a store on was not done lightly, as I had been warned about such nasty and frightening things like copyright infringement, and licensing. However, after researching the site numerous times I noticed a few contradictory business practices. Zazzle has an official Walt Disney Company store, yet a simple search reveals over 200 products relating to Epcot all of which are not official products. So, through deductive reasoning I thought that ether it was completely legal to post products or The Company simply did not care about Epcot Products. Either way Zazzle did allow me to post products for sale, or so I thought.
Last week, as I was trying to buy one of my own products my order was cancelled for “Content” concerns. I’m usually very English about these things. (I don’t complain, I just don’t come back.) but in this case the E82 Poster is so (legally) abstract that I had to find out what the problem was. Several emails later I discovered that ANYTHING can be posted for sale and only when someone purchases an item is it reviewed. (1)
As a result, the Centorium is (once again) closed. My only true concern is that some of you may have received similar emails in attempting to purchase my products. (By the Way, did ANYONE every try to buy something?) THE GOOD NEWS is that several designs are now free to be posted on my Flickr account. This also allows me to explain some of the finer details of some works without appearing too commercial. Works like this…

E82 SSE Dawn Poster

The Original Poster launching The E82 Project on January 11th 2010 Features an accurate Credit Roll containing many of the individuals involved with the creation of EPCOT Center. If the park was a motion picture it would look like this (sans the final credit:).

1. This does clear up a mystery: that to spite my “Kick Ass Original Merchandise Designs” (Thank You, Mesa Verde Times) NO ONE has ever bought any of my products.


  1. As flattered as I am, it's RON Schneider... with an 'N'.

  2. So Sorry Ron! Spelling has NEVER been my strong suit. The Poster has now been corrected.

  3. Please don't be discouraged about your merchandise sales... your designs are truly KICK ASS and damn good to boot!!