Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Tale of Two Eras

It is truly the best of times and the worst of times. 1. On the heels of an energy crisis, and economic one has replaced it. 2. New technologies are emerging that are changing the way watch TV, movies, and even play games. 3. Michael Jackson has never been more popular. 4. Electro-Pop music is topping the charts. 5. And in the world of Disney, changes are coming that will vastly expand current offerings in theaters and theme parks. 6. A newly expanded Fantasyland is coming. 7. We are venturing into untapped Asian markets. 8. Billion-dollar multi-year construction projects are in progress. 9. And to top it off, a film is being produced that will take its audience on visual stunning journey into a computer.

Everything above has happened before and is happening now…

THEN: The 1973 Oil Crisis gave birth to massive inflation and the recession of 1980-1982.

NOW: This blog is intended to be over 90% positive. A mandate, I can’t keep unless I don’t talk about this one.
THEN: Even though HBO was founded in 1975, Cable TV didn’t take off until 1980 when over 20% of American households subscribed to the service. Add to this theater surround-sound, and color raster video games.
NOW: As a historian, I’m amazed that after a 60 year struggle 3D films are becoming the standard. Thank You Video Pirates.
THEN: In 1982, Thriller was released.
NOW: Truly a great time for MJ fans. Captain EO is now playing every day at Disneyland!!!!!!
THEN: With hits like Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out” and Madonna’s “Holiday” up-tempo electro-pop was topping the charts.
NOW: Every time I listen to Owl City, I think of how “at home” his music would be in Future World. And, he’s not some obscure artist (his songs are in the Top 40).
THEN: Well, anyone reading the blog has been profoundly influenced by the original incarnation of Disney’s third theme park.
NOW: Two Massive Cruise Ships, and countless other endeavors (just pick-up the latest issue of “Disney Twenty-Three Magazine”)
THEN: Gone forever are the medieval festival tents- replaced by a fanciful European village.
NOW: Ok, everything up to now has just been interesting. But this coincidence is when things start to get eerie. All kidding aside, the Fantasy Forest will change the way you visit Disney Parks. Now after that’s done what other major park problem will Imagineering tackle? Hmmm? A park with a 13-year-old identity crisis, maybe?
THEN: Tokyo Disneyland opens in April 1983
NOW: Shanghai Disneyland and Hawaii’s Aulani Resort
THEN: EPCOT Center again from No. 5 (It’s that big in Disney History)
NOW: DCA’s Billion-dollar “what-were-we-thinking?” Fix… wait I mean “Makeover.”
THEN: TRON opens on July 9th, 1982. A film decades ahead of its time. A point that still being made.
NOW: The Game Has Changed - TRON LEGACY Opens 12.17.10

E82 NewsFlash:
Centorium has added some new products, all under $15.
Starting March 5th, E82 will begin counting down to the FutureWorld Soundtrack Series Event.

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