Monday, February 15, 2010

Gifts from Future World

Centorium Store Logo

E82 is proud to announce the “Re-Opening” of Centorium: EPCOT Center’s largest retail store. It will introduce new products featuring the artwork of E82. When the original Centorium opened it presented unique selection of futuristic items, overall it was equally entertaining and educational. The new store will focus solely on EPCOT’s other goal: Inspiration.
The original Centorium (an amalgam meaning Center Emporium) was remarkably a head of its time. The following News Brief (given only to Cast and Construction Crew) chronicles the first few pieces available to purchase just before the park officially opened…

Futuristic Store Stocks
Flying Saucers, Telescopes and Such

A solar powered flying saucer and a machine that plays chess with a robotic arm are among the futuristic gadgets available in the “department store of tomorrow” – The Centorium. Located in the CommuniCore of Future World, the universal gift emporium features among other things the latest in toys, books, decorative pieces and electronics.
A team of four buyer spent two and one-half years combing major markets and out-of-the-way museum shops for thousand of merchandise items. The result is an amazing array of gismos and gadgets designed to educate, entertain, and stimulate the imagination.
There are toys that run on micro-chips and solar energy, talking calculators, cordless telephones, and a clock that tones the
time when you touch it. The selection of electronic wristwatches would amaze even Dick Tracy. They include AM radio wristwatches and state-of-the-art timepieces with six or more functions.
Small-screen television sets have never been smaller. Color screens come in 2.7 inch diagonal size. A black white counterpart come with 1.5 inch diagonal screen, about the size of a matchbook, and has excellent resolution. Jewelry is decidedly different. For instance, the selection includes hologram pendants that are visible in sunlight. Books include “how-to” on such subjects as futuristic homes and vehicles, solar energy, and scinec projects; en “how-to” make your own robot. Model kits include space shittles and geodesic domes ranging from giant to mini-size.

! 9 Days Out !

(From Opening)

A few years later (Fall 1985 to be exact) the Disney News featured an article on Centorium’s role and interconnectivity with Future World’s pavilions…

"Centorium, the largest shop in EPCOT Center, is located within CommuniCore and features wares related to other areas of Future World. Here you can find the very latest in electronic toys and games, gadgets that entertain, and gizmos that educate, amuse, and appeal to the imagination. There are books, puzzles, science kits, computes and even robots – like OMNIBOT. ..

Universe of Energy is presented by Exxon within a dynamic solar power structure covered with glistening photovoltaic cells. It displays the history and new frontiers of energy by means of colorful kinetic film images, a primeval diorama, and motion pictures projected on a giant 218-degree wraparound screen.
Centorium Captures the essence of this energy experience with a collection of solar toys and sculptures. The radiometer, made in France and one of the oldest examples of solar energy, can be purchased as a child’s toy or as an exquisite glass sculpture. Rainbows of colors, refracted by sunlight, are caught in plastic prisms and metallic mobiles. From miniature models of prehistoric creatures to Space Shuttle toys you’ll find them all in the second level toy department.
Horizons takes you on a wondrous, realistic journey to four habitats of the future: Nova Cite, and urban community; Mesa Verde, a desert farm settlement; Sea Castle, a floating city; and Brava Centauri, a space colony. Horizons is sponsored by General Electric.
Centorium represents Horizons with modern paintings and prints sculptures, mobiles, laser jewelry and a selection of colorful Prism Clocks that tell time in a depth of changing shapes in space.
World of Motion, Presented by General Motors, dramatizes the development and future methods of transportation. Centorium features the newest electronic and remote control toy vehicles. Entertaining and educational today, they may also be prototypes of transportation to come.
The Land tells the story of man’s beneficial interaction with his environment, and his quest for adequate means of meeting the world’s growing need for food. The pictured “Veganimals” characterize the Kitchen Kabaret show there about the benefits of good nutrition. The Land is presented by Kraft, and Centorium highlights it with natural food cookbooks, unique kitchen utensils, dishes, plants and seeds, and Kitchen Kabaret souvenirs.

Journey into Imagination, presented by Kodak, explores the intricate process of creativity. Two unusual characters serve as guides. Dreamfinder is a jolly, bearded gentleman who symbolizes the mature, accomplished side of imagination. Figment is an impish purple dragon representing, childlike quality of creativity.
Figment can be purchased at Centorium as a child’s plush toy, a charm in gold or silver, or finely sculptured porcelain. Dreamfinder and Figment also have been cast in a 12-inch bronze statue."

For the today’s Centorium, new ideas and concepts are all ways in development (even babies can become E82 fans with our upcoming “Little Sparks” Line) so make sure to check back for new items and updates!


  1. A BRONZE statue of Dreamfinder and Figment? Get the hell out of town, amazing update.

  2. I remember those statues - wish I had one now! They also used to have a replica of the Dream Machine for sale - have never seen one of these show up on eBay, sadly.