Monday, February 8, 2010

Spaceship Earthrise

This is the first of many desktop backgrounds coming to you from the E82. Spaceship Earth Dawn is based on the original cover for the EPCOT Center Pre-Opening Guide (already pictured further down). In this, I wanted to capture the spirit of the original photography with the technology available today.
Designer Note: Thanks to an unavoidable automatic gamma correction, this relatively easy to produce image took OVER 50 test saves to correct the complex colors on Spaceship Earth.

4x3 - SSE Dawn

Full Screen

16x9 - SSE Dawn

Wide Screen

Display instructions: Select the proper screen ratio (Full or Wide Screen) enlarge to original size and apply as Desktop Background. Then “Fit to Screen” and finally all Desktops are designed to fill the screen so please display with and Auto-Hide Taskbar.

Stay Tuned Next Week when we'll be adding "Tangible Memories” to the mix of offerings from the World of E82!


  1. Absolutely stunning. It's going on my desktop right now. Thanks for your hard work. I'm going to really enjoy this blog.

  2. Great work. Cannot wait to see this thing unfold.

  3. Very nice indeed. Keep up the good work. Now if you could come up with a Desktop theme ;)