Sunday, January 9, 2011


As a general rule I don’t respond to comments with posts, but since I know that this would probably be of a great interest I thought it best to start the New Year with a request.
For those of you who downloaded my Christmas Album, you may notice that there were some editing decisions that were made that were both “crushing” for me to make (and apparently even harder to listen too). More specifically, I referring to the cuts made to the Lights of Winter Tribute.
Unfortunately, there are certain holes in my Audio Archive that even after 10 years of collecting I have been unable to attain. One of these is the Ding Dong Merrily/O Holy Night medley of the Lights of Winter. The truly annoying part is that it’s the segment is the ONLY thing missing from the main show! Everything else is there.
When putting together and album, (just as any creative work) all the pieces have to fit together as a whole, and in the case of the Epcot Holidays Album I needed to dramatically cut down on the coverage for the Lights of Winter. In any earlier version, the album had almost the entire show and was the focal point. In the years that followed, I decided that Lights had fit more proportionally into the program. (After all, I didn’t have the whole Candlelight Show, or a full Voices of Liberty performance, so why should Lights of Winter get the special treatment?) Thus, the “Tribute” was created as a sampling of the music in the show. The original version of this album was created 5 years ago and I hoped that the unreleased music would have surfaced by now. Two years ago, I decided to make my own recording of the Soundtrack and hopefully create a believable mix of live and master sources. To be completely honest, the mix is good but not great. Nevertheless, my quality standards have always bordered on the absurdly-high so everyone else might actually enjoy this full mix.
So here it is, and BY REQUEST…

Special Note: As it turns out, “Ding Dong Merrily/O Holy Night” isn’t the only cue unaccounted for, there’s also a “Show Reset” (or Intermission as I’ve titled it :) that I believe could be a version of “The Holly and the Ivy”. If anyone has any information about this track I’d love to hear it.


  1. Thanks for the Heads-up MrPotatoHead!
    The Link should be repaired now.
    Let me know if there are any further issues.

  2. Thank you for your kind consideration and the effort you put into this! I certainly didn't mean to make you feel bad about your mix, if that was the case.