Sunday, June 6, 2010


Wow, where did the time go?
I can’t believe it’s almost been a whole month since my last post! Where have I been? Well, in between dealing with PC problems (not my own this time), getting off “the Island”, health concerns, and keeping up with an active social life I haven’t been “blogressing” as much as I should. E82 has been on the back burner but it’s always in front of my mind. During my unintentional sabbatical, I’ve been thinking a lot about the structure of E82. Right now I’m in the process of outlining the next six months of work for the site. There are several “real world” events that are so closely related to the E82 Project that I’m using them as “due dates” for many segments of the blog.
Before we continue, I’d like to acknowledge the many followers that have embraced the E82 Project with their eyes, ears, hearts, and minds. I won’t repeat the comments that have been posted below, but I will say that I fully intent on enlisting the help of several followers that have pledged to do so. Starting right now…

E82 needs your help!
Have You Seen this Model Sheet?
I need a digital copy Extra Large, 300dpi scan would be perfect or 2x larger than my desktop wallpaper posts. (Preferably, without those purple things on top of it! :)

In unrelated news, EpcotMike was the first to be correct! We’ll continue our musical journey from the silliest pavilion to the most serious. JasonFlz will receive “rough daft” desktop concept, and EpcotMike will also receive a very special preview that hints to the scope of our next attraction… the Universe of Energy!
But wait, we still have only just scratched the surface of the wondrously whimsical Imagination pavilion. There’s a lot of history left to cover, and still being written.

Apparently, Learning from the Past Sometimes Means that You DO Repeat It!

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  1. I got the Model Sheet T-shirt, though it's not exact to what you've got here.